Best Laser Tape Measure

The laser sighting systems are used to determine the distance. They are widely used in the construction and repair, convenient for collectors of furniture. Replacing the traditional equipment for measurements such as Roulette, the range finder allows you to obtain a more accurate result. At larger distances the accuracy of the tool is a few millimeters. Work on open space is possible. Indoors with the low level of illumination and clean warm air laser roulettes provide the ideal accuracy of measurements. These are irreplaceable tools for work in hard-to-reach spots, such as wells and mines.

Device of a laser range finder

Radiator and reflector is main elements of a design of a laser roulette. Function keys allow to set reference points and to use program opportunities of the device on which the price of a range finder depends. As additional, there can be following options: measurement of temperature, a measuring system choice, the reflective panel for check, function of addition of sizes, automatic switching off, the indicator of a charge of batteries.

The working principles

In operating time laser range finders, unlike a roulette, won’t demand the help of the second person. What to define distance to object, it is necessary to guide at it a laser beam. The laser roulette measures time of passing of a beam from base to object and its reflection from object to the reflector sensor. On the basis of these data calculation is made, and the result is output to the display. Measurements in horizontal and in the vertical plane are possible. Laser range finders are recommended for professional, and household application.


  • Range of measurement is defined by radiation source power. Range of action depends on lighting and decreases open-air.
  • The error of measurement is higher at household models. It increases at measurement at long distances.

Types of laser roulettes

Except a laser roulette, it is possible to choose ultrasonic range finders. The principle of their action is similar, but instead of the laser the ultrasonic wave is used.

On the site it is possible to buy any laser range finder and other electronic equipment for measurements. Regardless of the fact that you choose: the household or professional, laser or ultrasonic range finder, waits for you the favorable offer and a big variety of models. On all laser roulettes the guarantee from the producer is provided.