The Bosch GLL 3-80 360° Three-Plane Leveling and Alignment Line Laser provides a complete level and alignment solution without any rotating motors. It allows operators to line up level, align, square and plumb with one setup point by generating three 360° laser planes – one horizontal and two vertical.

  • Item Weight:5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:18.5 x 14.5 x 6 inches
  • Size:Three Plane Laser
  • Certification:certified frustration-free
  • Special Features:self-leveling
  • Batteries Included?No
  • Batteries Required?No

The BOSCH GLL 3-80 Professional level is the laser measuring device of a professional class projecting two vertical and one horizontal line or a linear cross in the range 360 degrees. Advantages of model: high precision, possibility of work with the receiver (it is got separately), self-alignment in four seconds, the strong case with protection against dust and splashes, compact dimensions.

Description of the BOSCH GLL 3-80 Professional laser level

The BOSCH GLL 3-80 Professional laser level is a universal laser device of a professional class, irreplaceable when carrying out construction and repair work in rooms. Level will allow to lay accurately without excess problems a ceramic tile or to mount a false ceiling.

The device projects two vertical and one horizontal laser lines with separate shutdown, and also a linear cross. Lines are well visible at distance to 40 meters without receiver, with the receiver range of action increases to 80 meters. A corner of development of beams – 360 degrees.

Application of the most modern laser technologies provides high precision: the error makes only 0,2 millimeters on meter.

Level doesn’t demand preliminary control – it samonivelirutsya in only four seconds automatically at inclusion.
The case is reliably protected from influence of dust, moisture and splashes.

The device from four AA batteries works. The total charge is enough for work till 23 o’clock.

You can buy the BOSCH GLL 3-80 Professional level right now in the Internet-shop.

BOSCH GLL 3-80 photo - 1

BOSCH GLL 3-80 photo - 2

BOSCH GLL 3-80 photo - 3

BOSCH GLL 3-80 photo - 4

BOSCH GLL 3-80 photo - 5

BOSCH GLL 3-80 photo - 6

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