Rotary Laser Level

The principle of action of rotational levels is based on automatic installation and stabilization of a laser beam in the horizontal (vertical) plane by means of the electronic compensator of tilt angles. Measurement of prevysheniye consists in calculation of a difference of counting on the leveling lath with the receiver of a laser beam which is consistently established on the measured points.

The main advantage of a laser level before an optical level – works are performed by one person, using a rotational level and the receiver it is possible to make a full range.

Laser levels represent a heat – and the moisture-proof case containing optical and electronic components. For installation on a geodetic support the device has a threaded connection on the case.

Laser levels can be equipped with the diode a laser radiator of red or green color. Some models of rotational levels, are equipped with two laser radiators, in mutually perpendicular directions. At installation of a level in horizontal situation, one of beams projects the horizontal plane, the second sets the vertical direction.
The beam of the majority of devices is visible at distances to 40 meters in rooms, when using on the street it is necessary to use the receiver of a laser beam (is included in the package together with fastening on a lath *). The receiver of a laser beam allows to execute fixing of the center of a laser beam at distances to 500 meters.

Receivers can have sound indication, the LCD display with visual display of level. High-precision receivers can display in millimeters on a LCD display arrangement of the receiver of rather laser plane, have some levels of accuracy.

For convenience of management a rotational laser level are delivered in with a remote control, completely duplicating the level control panel. Infrared remote managements – allow to operate the device at distances to 30 meters, more expensive radio remote control allows to operate the device at distances to 300 meters.

Laser levels are presented by models for horizontal works, with possibility of a task only of the horizontal plane.